Slide Barcelona, November 3, 2022
(Streamed Event)
Barcelona, November 3, 2022
(Streamed Event)

The Digital Ideas Conference in its Catalonia edition includes the participation of psychologists, neurologists, engineers and cultural managers, entrepreneurs, researchers, artists, and multidisciplinary creators who live or reside in Catalonia and who thought their activities and management assuming the contemporary digital transformation, presenting projects and experiences that allow strengthening the creation, production, distribution, and circulation of cultural content in digital environments.

The talks will revolve around digital ecosystems, the metaverse, and new corporealities; social innovation, digital transformation, participatory citizenship, hybrid creation and the construction of human and non-human worlds, data with a feminist perspective, and citizen empowerment through experimentation and collective practice.

You can access the streaming via this link.


José Ramón Ubieto

Co autor del libro ¿Bienvenido metaverso? Presencia, cuerpo y avatares en la era digital, NED Ediciones