Matias Verderau

Director Lichen Innovación Social, Degree in Business Management and Administration, Master of Science in Marketing and Master in Branding. Professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. His main fields of interest are Social Innovation, citizen empowerment through open technologies, participation dynamics and experimentation processes, through creativity, technology and education. He has experience in the Direction and Management of European Union Projects (Digital Social Innovation EU, Distributed Design Market Platform, Robotics for Microfarms (ROMI)), Community Management in relation to Citizen Science and open data (Making Sense EU, WeCount EU), and developing Social Innovation projects with public, private, academic and social organisations, such as the Living Lab for the process of democratic Digitalisation of Educational Centres of the Barcelona City Council (BIT-A-BIT Living Lab), the creation of a Social and Urban Innovation Laboratory in Santa Cruz, Bolivia (LAB11 +), the Applied Digital Rights Initiative (ADRI) of the Cities Coalition for Digital Rights promoted by cities in the United States, Canada and Europe, or developing community artistic interventions such as Ressons, Assemblea Sonora, among other Social Innovation projects in different areas such as Sustainability, Mobility, Education, Cultural Democracy, Urban Planning, Urban Health, Digital Inclusion, etc, mainly in Europe and Latin America.

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