Arthur Tres

Engineer, artist, and researcher in the field of cognitive sciences with an interest in social transformations driven by interactive media and their relationship with corporeality using interactive media, such as virtual and augmented reality, with a critical approach. He received a Master’s degree in cognitive systems and interactive media from Pompeu Fabra University in 2013. He is co-founder of the Barcelona-based art-science collective BeAnotherLab, whose interdisciplinary, innovative, and open-source work has been awarded on numerous occasions (Ars Electronica Festival, STARTS prize, European Social Innovation Award, Global Pluralism Award among others), and presented in more than 20 countries over the last 10 years, in collaboration with art festivals, research centres, schools, libraries, or other commons-oriented grassroots spaces and communities. He currently works as a research associate at the department of psychology at the University of Basel, and as a freelance creative coder. He lives in Zurich.

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