Kaleido is an interactive and multimedia platform for the art world. Augmented reality (among other technologies), enriches the experience of engaging with art, both online and offline.

Its mission is to transform how art is shared, sold, and experienced today, taking into account the shortcomings of the visual arts sector, which is currently limited to a marketplace mode.

At Kaleido, the relationship with artwork is something that goes far beyond a simple image or object. Its history is something much deeper than a description of materials, measurements, and price. Thanks to technology we aim to deliver an enriched experience that does justice to true storytelling and opens up a range of new possibilities for creative expression.

Updating prices, generating catalogues, managing available work, generating certificates of authenticity, and updating and directing traffic to the portfolio, among others, are tedious actions that are part of every artist’s day-to-day life. Actions that thanks to a technology specifically designed for the niche can be radically optimised, giving back time to creators for their creative process.

Kaleido is still in the beta phase of improving its product and actively listening to the needs of its community of 20,000+ artists in 168 countries. Both collectors and artists deserve a better platform to share their passion.

Promoter of the project:
César Biojó
Contact details:
César Biojo
Artist and co-founder of Kaleido

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