IdeasdigitalES (Digital Ideas) is a channel from which to map, learn and find digital tools, work processes, and ways to innovate. A space from which to share the knowledge generated by heterogeneous, inclusive, transdisciplinary cultural projects that create social, local, and environmental impact.  

IdeasdigitalES (Digital Ideas) wants to encourage and activate communities of creators that promote new forms of cultural consumption. In addition, it aims to present digital tools that are likely to be systematized, replicated, and scaled. 

IdeasdigitalES (Digital Ideas) is born to promote good practices, digital strategies, and tools, which creatively and with a low budget, are allowing to adapt to the new times. It is a meeting space at the service of the community of cultural agents who are trying to survive in this digital world and are looking for places of care.

The Explorer section is structured in four categories:


Profiles of projects that make use of various digital tools to expand the spaces of consumption and circulation of cultural content, democratizing access to cultural capital and promoting the use of free technologies and resources. These references arise from research promoted by IdeasdigitalES (Digital Ideas) and will be under constant construction.


Profiles of collectives, organizations, and institutions that think about digital content and environments, promoting the development of a transparent, inclusive, creative, free, and innovative ecosystem. These referents arise from research done by IdeasdigitalES (Digital Ideas) and will be under constant construction.

Cultural Hackers

Profiles of creators, managers, cultural mediators, academics, and activists who in their practice incorporate different digital tools and promote collective, disruptive, and innovative ways of positioning themselves amid the digital transformation. These profiles are fed by all the people who have participated in the academic programming IdeasdigitalES (Digital Ideas).

Learn from the Best

Conferences, round tables, master classes, workshops, and collaborative environments. Here you can access videos and downloadable resources that feed the development of digital skills in the cultural sector. This category constitutes the educational layer of IdeasdigitalES (Ideas Digitales).

Additionally, each category can also be navigated through tags that correspond to different topics of interest.

The Editions section corresponds to the Jornadas de Ideas DigitalES (Digital Ideas Conference) that have taken place or will take in different spaces and cities to extend the mapping of digital experiences in the national and international territory. The academic program aims to address a broad spectrum of topics and contexts in each edition. 

If you are interested in holding an edition of Jornadas de Ideas Digitales (Digital Ideas Conference) in your city, please contact us:

The ultimate section disseminates information on upcoming Digital Ideas Conferences or other activities planned within the framework of the project. In addition, you can find articles on topics of interest that have been curated to different agents and that hope to debate, question, illustrate questions related to the digital transformation and the role of cultural agents in this context. Essays, prescriptions, contemporary readings of the digital world can be browsed in this section.