Ideas Digitales (Digital Ideas) was created with the aim of publicising digital strategies and tools that are allowing a community of agents, with a lot of creativity and a low budget, to adapt to the new times and survive in this digital world, activating and promoting new forms of cultural consumption. For this reason, beyond the large forums on the digital transformation of culture, from large platforms or museums, institutions, and national cultural centres, it is necessary to highlight all the tools, alliances, applications, and digital strategies that cultural agents and organisations from the cultural fabric, on a small scale and independently, are contributing to this new digital world.

Ideas Digitales is:

  • A bilingual website (Spanish and English) that as a repository presents artists, cultural managers, collectives, civil society organisations, SMEs, and independent organisations that are working on the digital layer and that serve as a guide and inspiration for the strengthening of the cultural fabric.
  • A platform from which to map the digital strategies of the cultural sector and share the knowledge generated by heterogeneous, inclusive, transdisciplinary cultural projects that create social, local, and environmental impact.
  • A window that provides international visibility so that cultural agents from different latitudes can recognise experiences located in other contexts, be inspired, scale, and replicate locally digital strategies that can strengthen their projects.
  • A training channel for acquiring new digital skills, with the aim of promoting the employability and sustainability of the sector.
  • A meeting and listening space that connects the cultural industries of the independent private sector with the digital and technological business sector. The platform is at the service of public and private companies, organisations, institutions, and foundations interested in digital innovation, the digitisation of culture, and cultural entrepreneurship.

Ideas Digitales focuses on cultural agents or practices that:

  • Do not focus on the development of technologies but of digital strategies with the potential for return and change.
  • Participate in these digital networks in a more conscious and responsible way, promoting the interconnection between communities and not losing sight of the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • They ask questions related to how to share and distribute knowledge from a community logic. They assume a political commitment by promoting open culture and citizen governance.
  • They propose new stories, languages, narratives, infrastructures, and cultural codes of cultural production.
  • They expand the possibilities of digital environments in order to break out of places of comfort and promote spaces for play.
  • They think about the possibility of creating new sustainable structures where life is possible, redrawing industries, and building new networks with a feminist perspective.
  • They reflect on institutions and the value of the intangible, creating new spaces for the circulation of content and encouraging critical and participatory interaction on the part of audiences and citizens.
  • They promote technological sovereignty and the capacity of agents to decide on the data they generate, where it is stored, and how it is distributed.
  • They approach the search for solutions in collaboration with different agents, collectively, understanding the territories and the communities that inhabit them, thinking about their situated nature without losing sight of their relationship with the global world.
  • These are transformative proposals that are conceived from a physical-digital hybridisation, building bridges between physical environments and virtuality.

The Latest section provides information on upcoming Digital Ideas Conferences and other activities programmed within the framework of the project. In addition, you will find articles on topics of interest that have been curated for different agents and that hope to debate, question, and illustrate questions related to digital transformation and the role of cultural agents in this context. Essays, prescriptions, and contemporary readings of the digital world can be browsed in this section.


Profiles of projects that make use of various digital tools to expand the spaces of consumption and circulation of cultural content, democratizing access to cultural capital and promoting the use of free technologies and resources. These references arise from research promoted by Ideas digitales (Digital Ideas) and will be under constant construction.


Profiles of collectives, organizations, and institutions that think about digital content and environments, promoting the development of a transparent, inclusive, creative, free, and innovative ecosystem. These references arise from research promoted by Ideas digitales (Digital Ideas) and will be under constant construction.

Cultural Hackers

Profiles of creators, managers, cultural mediators, academics, and activists who in their practice incorporate different digital tools and promote collective, disruptive, and innovative ways of positioning themselves amid the digital transformation. These profiles are fed by all the people who have participated in the academic programming Ideas digitales (Digital Ideas).

Learn from the Best

Conferences, round tables, master classes, workshops, and collaborative environments. Here you can access videos and downloadable resources that feed the development of digital skills in the cultural sector. This category constitutes the educational layer of Ideas digitales (Ideas Digitales).

Ideas Digitales is a project promoted by Ceps Projectes Socials, Trànsit Projectes, ITD, #plantauno, and Plataforma/C thanks to the support of the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sport.