Àngel Mestres

He studied at the College of Social Educators of Catalonia. As a teacher he has worked in different universities in Spain and Latin America. He was Director of Communications and External Resources at the Institute of Culture of Barcelona (Barcelona City Council). He is currently the General Director of Trànsit Projectes. He is also the Academic Coordinator of the Master’s Degree in Cultural Management at the University of Barcelona. He is part of the team behind the hybrid projects (digital and online): Mentes Colmena – Hive Minds (Gaminification and ODS), IdeasDigital.es (web platform and research on how the cultural sector is being digitalised), the #plantauno channel (Space for research in Culture to develop processes, prototype knowledge and cultivate affection) and Plataforma/C (Digital Learning Communities).


Trànsit Projectes


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