Hybrid creation, robotics, humans, non-humans – who are the new creators?
Round Table | 3 November - 18:00 to 19:30

The theme of this meeting revolves around experimentation between human invention and digital technologies. Normally, talk of “hybrid creation” evokes the vision of an eye, an arm, or some other prosthesis of human sensibility, taken for granted and unquestioned. In other cases, it evokes – especially in turbulent times like the ones we are living in – the unsettling presence of devices that watch us and will one day supplant us and finally take revenge on us. In reality, neither of these two visions expresses the true potential of experimentation with digital technologies. Artistic research is not concerned with hi-tech toys or dystopian sensationalism, but sets in motion experiments that confront us with something we didn’t know about ourselves: what we had decided not to look at and, in some cases, everything that the dominant technological rhetorics had made us forget.

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