Slide Barcelona, 7 and 8 April 2022 Barcelona, 7 and 8 April 2022

The Barcelona edition of the Digital Ideas Conference invited participants to learn about different projects and experiences in order to find inspiration and develop tools to strengthen the creation, production, distribution, and circulation of cultural content in digital environments. Artists, organisations, institutions, and all kinds of cultural agents from the cultural fabric thought about their activities and their management taking on board the contemporary digital transformation.

The content of this edition can be accessed through the section Learn from the best in the explorer of the project’s website or by entering the Virtual Classroom.


Thursday 7 April


Inauguration of Digital Ideas Conference

With Ángel Mestres (Tránsit Projectes).


Inaugural conference: “Digital interactions, citizen activism and networked technologies”

With Efraín Foglia (,, Mobilitylab, XRCB)


Training capsule “Digital skills for cultural managers”

With Núria Alonso (Colectic). 


Training capsule “Narratives and digital activism”

With María Lobo (Gingko /Ben Curiosa).


Collaborative environment “And you, are you digital?”

Driven by David Márquez (Radar Cultura).

Friday 8 April


Training capsule “Digitize your work in the NFTs universe”

With Edu Bernal, Lina Bautista, Luis Sánchez Urgiles y Julieta Amado.


Training capsule “Freelance Technology”

with Emilio Ruiz Mateo.


Training capsule “Civic Design for Citizen Participation and Digital Transformation”

With Doménico Di Siena (Humano Urbano). 


Collaborative environment “And you, are you digital?”

Driven by Doménico Di Siena (Humano Urbano).