Arán Lozano

Arán Lozano, Zaragoza 1988, and Clara Campo, Barcelona 1988, are the artists behind the pseudonym Amarist. The duo focuses their work on creating visually powerful sculptures that invite us to reflect on the world around us.

Arán Lozano, 1988, grew up in a creative environment, surrounded by materials as he watched his father, a craftsman, at work. From an early age, he was given the freedom to play and experiment with different materials and tools in the workshop, which led to the development of his creativity through experimentation, nurturing his interest in the world of creation. During his youth, he not only experienced his father’s work up close, but also had the opportunity to get to know other craftsmen and artists from different fields such as ceramics, painting, stone, and forging. This helped him to develop important respect and knowledge of craftsmanship and noble materials.

Years later his concerns led him to want to dedicate himself professionally to the world of creation and he began to train in other design methodologies with new technologies, which combined with respect for craftsmanship and materiality, led him to co-found Amarist.

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Arán Lozano

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