Slide Madrid, December 21, 2021 Madrid, December 21, 2021

Ideas Digitales held its first edition in Madrid on Tuesday, December 21, 2021, thanks to the support of the Madrid City Council. This day consisted of six academic activities with national guests that took place over the course of one day.


Tuesday, December 21


Opening conference: “Technology and happiness as an engine of change”

With Gastón Lisak (Random Happiness)


Round table “Does digital creation create (sustainable) audiences?”

With the participation of María Fabuel (Domestic Data streamers), Matías Daporta (Festival “Me gustas pixelad_), Elisa Cuesta (Artist) and Cristian Figueroa (TejeRedes) and the moderation of David Márquez (Radar Cultura).


Conference “NFT’s, and the tokenization of culture”

By Luis Sánchez Urgiles (Lawyer) 


Round table “The digital revolution: this world is already another”

With the participation of Cristina Fallarás (writer), Semíramis González (curator) and Abel Azcona (performer), moderated by Cristina Abelló (Peccata Minuta).


Conference “Digital communities in culture, how to understand them”

By Marcos García Alonso (Project consultant)


Conference “Status Quo Selfie. The self-portrait as a deep analysis”

By Carlos J. Navarro and Lorenzo Micozzi Ferri (Random Happiness)