Participation and Citizen Empowerment: Methodologies of experimentation and collective practice
Training capsule | 3rd November - 15:30h to 16:30h

The objectives of this workshop are 1) To promote public-private-community collaboration; 2) To favour Open Innovation and collective intelligence; 3) To promote participatory processes to favour spaces for meeting, dialogue, and learning; 4) To promote methods for collective diagnosis and ideation and encourage the co-creation of solutions on a local scale; 5) To encourage the implementation of participatory dynamics and interventions through analogue and digital tools (Collective mapping, participatory diagnostics, surveys…. ) and 6) Promote collective exploration and experimentation as learning processes with social impact.


Matias Verderau

To whom it is addressed:
Colectivos, Organizaciones, Asociaciones, Agentes Culturales, Artistas y personas interesadas en procesos de participación y empoderamiento ciudadano desde diferentes ámbitos.

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