OLEA is a project created by artist Solimán López that consists of a new olive oil production that contains the code of a cryptocurrency synthesized in its DNA. With this new liquid, the artist is developing a series of NFTs, sculptures, audiovisuals, and installations. In addition, the project foresees in its second stage to extend into the food industry. This fusion of biotechnology and cryptocurrencies brings a novel conceptual and artistic look. OLEA proposes a space for reflection and approachment of species, concepts, economies, societies, and information flows that converge in a single fluid: olive oil. The project represents a historical innovation in contemporary art and agriculture, biologically connecting two of the most important historical economies, cryptography and agriculture. To do so, OLEA applies concepts rooted in contemporary art, new media, and new technologies, offering collectors, cryptocurrency investors, and manufacturers a unique project.

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Solimán López
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