Mentes Colmena

Amid this global crisis that has forced us all to think of different ways to collectively inhabit a wounded world, Mentes Colmena (Hive MInds) was born. It consists of a playable methodology that promotes listening, dialogue, and consensus among diverse people. It is a platform that proposes to design strategies related to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations 2030 Agenda and it is also a laboratory of collective intelligence that, through 170 global trends and a speculative glossary, invites us to build ‘hives’ that help us imagine more sustainable futures. It is the result of a collective intelligence work that has been nurtured by the whole team of Ceps Projectes Socials, Trànsit Projectes, ITD, #PlantaUno, and the design and development studios Mucho and LLOS&. It is supported by the Culture of Solidarity Fund of the European Culture Foundation. Thanks to the many people who participated in its ideation and prototyping process, production, and implementation, it takes the form of an open and free planetary methodology.

Promoter of the project:
#Plantauno, Trànsit Projectes, CEPS, ITD
Contact details:
Tomás Guido

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