Matías Daporta

A-disciplinary artist working on two different conceptual lines, both in artistic projects and curatorial work: the notion of current cultural homogenization and the limits of cultural law, and the relationship between the living arts and digital culture. Within the first line of research stands out #spanishwashing in collaboration with Begoña Cuquejo. This is a tentacular project with the writing and delivery of a poetic-judicial lawsuit against cultural institutions in Spain as the common thread of the rest of the interventions. About the second line of work, his annual curatorial project Me gustas pixelad_, for La Casa Encendida, stands out. A three-day event that annually approaches digital cultural phenomena through the living arts. His works have been presented in international contexts such as Veem, Arti et Amicitiae, Corridor Space Project, Frascati Theatre in Amsterdam. Projection room in Brussels. Oxo Tower in London and Centre of Mental and Physical Well-being in Bristol, among others.

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