The digital revolution: this world is already another
Round table | 7th April - 16:00 to 17:30

We used to look at life differently. Today our daily reality is impregnated with technological advances: we drink coffee while reading the newspaper on a tablet, we visit the El Prado collection from a couch in Asturias and we let ourselves be recommended by algorithms that tell us what our next TV show should be. Some say that this other world is full of opportunities. There are those who are already against the Metaverse and any technological disruption. Have we stopped to understand what is happening? Have our bodies and minds already adapted to this new technological metabolism? Is it technology that drives progress in the world? Has access to art been democratized with these advances? Will we like more what is produced by a machine or by an artist? Will we be able to differentiate one from the other?


Abel Azcona (Performer), Cristina Fallarás (Escritora) y Semíramis González (Comisaria). Modera: Cristina Abelló (“Peccata Minuta”).

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