Beatriz Martín

I’m a Computer Engineer. I also studied an MBA and the Master in Big Data Management and Advanced Analytics at UPC. Learning is a need and a passion, and only for pleasure have I studied first in Psychology and first in Humanities. I have studied museology, logistics, quality, and have trained professionally in systemic and organizational coaching. Among other things. My professional career has been developed largely within communication agencies and I have a close relationship with the educational field, ESADE’s inDigital program. I often give talks and training on generative AI (prompting, reflection on the employment and social impact, and process adequacy), digital transformation, metaverse and Web3.

I actively participate in the learning communities Agile Lean Barcelona and Sotfware Crafters Barcelona.

On social media you can find me as .zigiella.
I don’t see TV and I don’t believe in retirement.
Now is when.

Contact details:
Beatriz Martín
inDigital, Esade

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