Elisabet Roselló

Founder of Postfuturear, a strategic innovation and consultancy agency focused on detecting possibilities for more sustainable innovation and development. They combine Social Sciences, Futures Studies, Systems Thinking, strategy and management and service design, and philosophy in a proprietary methodology.

Graduated in History at the UB, she has previously worked as a research assistant on new emerging economic models, FLOSSD innovation communities at IGOP-UAB and later at IN3-UOC, in the Public Affairs department as Project Lead of a public innovation project at Kreab, trend analyst in different creative agencies as a freelance, collaborator in media and books on technology and techno-social processes, and emerging philosophy, also curator of exhibitions.

Some publications in which she has collaborated are Telos magazine (2021), ICE Magazine: Economy (2018), El País-Retina (2019), CCCB Lab (2016- ), and the books Neutopías (Oscar Guayabero, 2022), Deconstructing the Maker Manifesto (Trànsit Projectes, 2017), Rethinking the Smart City: Barcelona, Open, Collaborative and Democratic City (2019), among others.

With a degree in History from the UB, she has worked as a trend researcher and consultant in technological innovation on her own account and in agencies, consultancies, and public administration. She has also worked as a research assistant for the IGOP-UAB and the IN3-UOC on different projects.

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