Wiki Cultura Comunitaria

The CulturaComunitaria platform was born from the needs expressed in the conference How to process a unicorn held in Zaragoza in 2017, a conference on public contracting and management models in culture.

In these, the need to know the different ways of doing around community culture, both by the Public Administrations and by the cultural projects and initiatives that are necessarily related to the latter, is highlighted.

The Network of Spaces and Agents of Community Culture adopts the platform as a tool to facilitate one of its objectives “Cooperation and collaboration as the basis for social exchange, rejecting logics of exploitation, imposition, domination, and concentration of power.”

The platform is developed with MediaWiki and SemanticMediawiki technology, making the content introduction through forms very easy and aesthetically pleasing. This tool within the REACC is part of a project to facilitate free digital tools to people with similar interests, tools that are in tune with the philosophy of community culture working from the commons with a character of social transformation”.

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