What is Cryptoart?
Training capsule | 30th June - 18 to 20h

In this introductory course we will learn from scratch the different aspects that surround this field: what are NFTs, cryptocurrencies, marketplaces… and how they can be applied in our cultural sector.

This set of relatively new and virtual tools forms a system to carry out transactions without the need of intermediaries. Some time ago we began to see how artists related to the digital world have begun to market their works thanks to the opportunities offered by these tools. Tools that continue to evolve and offer us many possibilities, but also raise many questions.

During this course, the operation of this Cryptoarte system will be addressed from scratch, to reflect on its successes and weaknesses so participants are able to position themselves critically within this contemporary context. You may have heard of this world that seems to come out of a science fiction movie; speculation and ignorance are constant around this technology.

In this workshop, we approach the subject from different perspectives to draw own conclusions regarding its use and its possibilities in the cultural field.

For more information and registration for the course, access the following link: Plataforma C

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