Núria Nia

Trained in film, digital art, and communication, PhD student in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. She works mainly from the audiovisual medium in combination with other artistic forms such as transmedia environments, performance, or installation, activating the possibilities of the mixture of diverse contexts and practices that nurture research on topics such as digital bodies, digital work, the image-screen, the performed archive and collective thought.
He has participated as a resident artist with exhibition projects or performances at La Escocesa, Hangar, Unzip, Konvent, Lo Pati, Fabra y Coats, Convent de Sant Agustí, el Bòlit Girona, Santa Mònica, en Cultural Rizoma, Festival Loop, Festival Panoràmic, Filmoteca de Catalunya, L’Estruch, Museu de Granollers, Roca Umbert and others. He works at the intersection between art and education with projects such as Art i Escola (Museu de Granollers and ACVIC), Bòlit Mentor (Bòlit Girona), Flipart (Diputació de Barcelona), and other tailor-made projects.

In 2013 he founded lapanoràmica.cat, from where he was in charge of the communication of various cultural projects and currently directs audiovisual pieces for art and culture. She combines artistic practice with audiovisual production and production and teaching at different universities on Digital Art, Curating, Audiovisual, and Transmedia.


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