Javier Roche

In his work as a photographer, he reflects on the landscape, how it is positioned, and how society inhabits and modifies it. After receiving a Cesar – Etopia Labs grant, he began to hybridize his knowledge of electronics and programming with photography. Since 2015 he has been a member of the Llámalo H Collective, which together with the Zaragoza City Council and the neighborhood of San José is responsible for managing the creative space Harinera ZGZ. Since 2021 he has been closely involved in REACC – Red de Espacios y Agentes de Cultura Comunitaria, an open assembly for dialogue and support among community culture professionals. He is also in charge of the promotion of free digital tools and digital sovereignty in the world of culture.

Project website: https://javierroche.es/
Contact details:
Javier Roche Martínez

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