Mural Hunter (Fundación Ibercivis)

Mural Hunter is a project that aims to preserve and catalog the urban art heritage of cities; an ephemeral and changing heritage made up of performances and graffiti that appear, mutate, and disappear. Through an app, which can be installed on a mobile phone, Mural Hunter allows you to photograph and geo-locate the works of urban art present in the environment that the interested party wishes to preserve. The result is an online catalog of urban art worldwide in which the works of this artistic manifestation are preserved indefinitely, even when the work has physically disappeared. Mural Hunter has been created by the University of Zaragoza. It is a project by Pilar Rivero at CIVITAS 2.0, a platform for citizen science and heritage dissemination that seeks to create materials and spaces for heritage education. So far, thanks to the collaboration of citizens with different profiles, 931 works have been cataloged, of which 817 are located in Spain and 250 in Aragon. The application has been designed within the framework of the Web 2.0 Heritage Education project, funded by Mineco/AEI and Feder (EU).

Promoter of the project:
Fundación Ibercivis

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