Migración y cultura

It is a choral construction, with its voices, polyphonic, from different backgrounds, actions, objectives, and management models, but that share art and culture as a means of expression and work, who believe in the strength of the collective to generate spaces for creation and action, and have the otherness, which gives migration and raciality, as a strength. It is a research, mapping, and artistic dissemination project promoted by migrant cultural agents and creators that aims to make visible, from an inclusive and diverse position, the different artistic and cultural practices and actions of this population.

The initial mapping is focused on the city of Madrid, although we are currently beginning to open it to the whole of Spain. However, the initial funding from the Madrid City Council has ended and we are in search of resources for the next stage.

Promoter of the project:
El Otrx: art, culture and migration
Madrid / Almería
Contact details:
Dagmary Olívar Graterol
Director of YoSoyElOtrx
(+34) 660 26 39 56

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