Ellas son campo

It is a channel for the dissemination of research projects and teaching innovation that deals with the situation of the Aragonese rural world from a gender perspective. This initiative is part of the Communication and Knowledge Transfer Plan organised by the lecturers of the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts of the University of Zaragoza: María Luz Hernández Navarro, from Geography, and María Angulo Egea, from Journalism. Specifically, this plan is concerned with disseminating research projects funded by the Department of Agriculture, Livestock and Environment of the Government of Aragon on the living conditions of women in rural areas.

Promoter of the project:
María Luz Hernández Navarro y María Angulo Egea
Contact details:
María Luz Hernández Navarro y María Angulo Egea
Professors of Geography and Journalism at the University of Saragossa

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