Datos contra el ruido

Datos contra el ruido (Data against noise) is a platform that makes visible the information published by the judicial system and the police on male violence. Its work consists of measuring the degree of gender violence in Spain with the available data and making judicial statistics understandable with Big Data and through simple graphics. The contrasted data comes from the analysis of gender violence (that which is exercised within a couple or ex-partner relationship), domestic violence (that which is exercised in the family environment) and violence against sexual freedom. Its objective is to disseminate the scourge of male violence. For this reason, all the information on the platform is designed to be shared. The GenderDataLab data is available to users, as well as the visualizations and the rest of the contents of the website.

Promoter of the project:
Digital Fems
Contact details:
Thais Ruiz de Alda
Fundadora y Directora

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