Covid art museum

The idea for the Covid art museum was born during the early days of quarantine in Spain. Its creators noticed that during the confinement the production of art was exploding. In the midst of this scenario, questions arose about the fate of all those works of art that people were creating at home. Later, the idea of a museum emerged, necessarily digital, that would collect all that art in quarantine or covid art. On March 19, they made the first publication, and since then, they have not stopped publishing works daily. The website and Instagram networks work in an indexed way, generating an expansive network of communication and referrals. Additionally, the Covid art museum has a collection of original works in NFT version with the name of Significant Gallery, from which they seek to give more visibility to artists and their essential work in these times of global pandemic. Here all profits are shared with the artists.

Promoter of the project:
José Guerrero, Emma Calvo, Irene Llorca
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