Transdisciplinary creation, digitalisation and new media
Round Table | 15 June - 17:00-18:30

Artistic creation has undergone a significant transformation through the use of digital tools and environments. These media allow artists to explore new transdisciplinary forms of expression, which dialogue with new media and emerging technologies, and propose new frameworks of meaning, action, and participation. In this roundtable, we propose a dialogue around the use of digital tools and environments and how they have transformed the current creative landscape, encouraging the exploration of new art forms that transcend the traditional boundaries of specific disciplines and open up new avenues of artistic expression. How digital media can articulate new capacities in individuals, collectives, and communities and act as levers of transformation.


With Marta L. Lázaro (Video artist, creator of the work Grandma), Marta Pérez Campos (Artist, creator of the work Palabras que salen del diccionario), Néstor Lizalde (Coordinator of New Media Lab – Etopia Centro de Arte y Tecnología). Moderator: Enric Puig Punyet (Director of Centre Arts Santa Mónica).

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