How to sustain or monetize cultural and artistic projects from the digital?
Training capsule | 29th July - 18 to 20h

Monetization? Financing? Sustainability? Any word you choose, sustaining a cultural project financially is always a challenge.

In this workshop, we will learn about different ways to finance (or support, or monetize) artistic or cultural projects. We will analyze various digital platforms, depending on the nature of our project (music, events, visual arts, technological projects, podcasts) and we will see study cases and good practices.

– How to create a community.

– Communication tools and strategies.

– Simple actions to raise money for our project.

– How to manage a crowdfunding campaign.

– Subscriptions and memberships.

– Specialized platforms.

– Web 3 and NFTs.

For more information and enrollment in the course you must access the following link: Plataforma C

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