Sala Virtual

The “Sala Virtual” or Virtual Room project involves the digitalization of one of the most emblematic facilities of the Etopia Art and Technology Centre: its Media Façade, an audiovisual support made up of a double LED screen on an architectural scale open to the city of Zaragoza. In order to expand the possibilities of access to this technological equipment and to the artistic material exhibited in this medium throughout its 10 years of operation, this virtual space has been designed to recreate the installations of the Etopia Media Façade in a hyper-realistic simulation environment. The “Virtual Room” website is a simulation of the Etopia building that presents a bird’s eye view of an optimized framing to be able to contemplate the broadcasts of its double led façade, allowing the user to browse through the repository of all the artistic content that has been broadcast in the Etopia Media Façade. This digital system allows a new approach to the video creations that have been part of the multiple artistic programs that have structured its cultural agenda. The “Virtual Room” website explores the field of simulation as an art form in itself, an approach based on the transcoding of a physical medium (the LED façade itself) to a new digital scenario that allows for a new approach to these video creations. To build the “Virtual Room” website, a scenario has been created by 3D molding the entire Etopia Building, its architecture, and adjoining spaces. The “Virtual Room” application and its website represent both the development of a new creative tool and the opening of a new digital space in which to access the history of all the audiovisual content broadcast on the Media Façade, expanding the exhibition possibilities of this medium, improving its capabilities as a channel of communication and dissemination of artistic practice, while opening up new working methodologies for the development of new artistic projects.

Promoter of the project:
ETOPIA Centro de Arte y Tecnología
Torralba de Ribota, Zaragoza
Contact details:
Néstor Lizalde
Coordinator of the New Media Lab Etopia

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