Plataforma/C is since 2012 a virtual space to promote innovation in culture, dedicated to the continuous training of art professionals and institutions in Ibero-America. A meeting point for training through practical online programmes in cultural management, artistic production, communication and much more.

Plataforma/C designs programmes to facilitate citizens’ access to cultural capital. It understands that fostering this access facilitates social cohesion, based on dialogue and diversity, where cultural and artistic practices play a fundamental role in social cohesion and the development of our societies.

“The only way to teach people to think with courage is through material conditions and dignified labour relations. I have the feeling that culture, the humanities, the arts and even the sciences are once again becoming part of those privileges that the upper classes make their own when inequalities increase. We cannot be an element of distinction for the powers of the world. We must continue to fight for culture, in all its dimensions, to be a tool of emancipation for all”.

The above sentence is signed (with the dignity and critical spirit that characterise her) by the philosopher Marina Garcés, but it could well describe the spirit of Plataforma/C. An open space, to follow cultural agents, managers, institutions and organisations in the systematisation of their knowledge, the openness to share their practice and the exploration of their educational layer.

Promoter of the project:
Trànsit Projectes, CEPS, ITD, #plantauno

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