It is a digital education project for young children, currently under development thanks to the mentorship of the Carulla Awards.

“Pixi.click” is a Youtube channel, a website and a theatrical show that open a space for dialogue with children about the uses they make of screens, the time they devote to them and the possible consequences that uncontrolled use can entail. The protagonist is Pixi, a muppet puppet, who has decided to become a “Youtuber”. On her channel, you can hear her anecdotes about video games, the tablet… and her problems (she gets angry when the tablet time is up, she doesn’t want to go to bed…). Fortunately, she has realised that “something is wrong” and is open to discovering other ways of having fun. Through postcards, Pixi’s followers will recommend entertaining activities for her screen-free free time.

Pixi allows us to talk to children about a major challenge: the digitalisation of children.

Promoter of the project:
Contact details:
Lupe Capell y Jimmy Guiu
Coordinadores y ejecutores de proyectos
34 649 53 54 96

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