Pirineo Literario

Pirineo Literario was born out of the love of books and the mountains; reading and walking, walking and reading. To make known and care for the literary heritage of the Pyrenees and to offer the possibility of traveling through it with a different perspective: there is a great variety of cultural resources of great value linked to the literary heritage of this region. Through this project we aim to provide a solution to the need for a model of sustainable development in our valleys, which assumes new ways of recovering the literary heritage and cultural promotion; which meet the demands of both visitors and the current inhabitants of the Pyrenees, from a better coordination and communication of the existing actions and from the proposal of new ones. Pirineo Literario aims to make visible and interconnect all the cultural proposals linked to reading that are organized in this place. For the moment, the project covers routes, destinations, and literary landscapes in the counties of Sobrarbe and Ribagorza. On its website, there is reading cartography, where those interested can trace the authors according to the location of their works.

Promoter of the project:
Felisa Ferraz . Asociación Guayente
Contact details:
Felisa Ferraz

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