MAR Mujeres Artistas Rurales

It is a platform of rural artists and craftswomen that seeks to make visible, geographically locate, promote, and encourage the work developed by rural creators in Aragon through small format exhibitions, traveling festivals, and a website and a search engine for creators that facilitates the creation of networks and synergies and the development of cultural projects in rural areas. The only requirements to be part of MAR are: to be an artist or craftswoman, be over 18 years old and live in rural Aragon. To register you have to fill in the registration form that can be found in the “Join” section of the website, www.mujeresartistasrurales.es.

Promoter of the project:
Asociación ARTmosfera
Contact details:
Berta Gascón Larráz
Director of Plataforma MAR

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