Hamill Industries

Hamill Industries is a creative studio specialized in the convergence between technology and visual arts. They develop innovative projects based on experimentation and the mixing of techniques, creating new formats of visual communication.

The studio, formed by Pablo Barquín and Anna Díaz, carries out artistic and technological research in the field of visual arts and the exploration of light and sound. In their projects, they develop their tools and inventions combining digital and analog effects with construction and design. They are passionate about combining and hybridizing new media and techniques to create unique audiovisual universes and experiences. They not only work with digital techniques, but also like to work in their workshop with real materials, developing their tools and motion control systems. Their principal motivation is to mix tangible and virtual worlds through new techniques and technologies research. They create and work with multiple formats: video clips, commercials, installations, and performances.

Promoter of the project:
Pablo Barquín y Anna Diaz
Contact details:
Anna Díaz Ortuño
(+34) 610 06 27 25

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