Festival Urbano de Arte Digital de Madrid

MMMAD is the Urban Digital Art Festival of Madrid (Festival Urbano de Arte Digital de Madrid) that exhibits, disseminates, and thinks around digital creation. It focuses on the intersection between digital culture and public space. The festival has a program consisting of exhibitions, installations, calls, workshops, and meetings throughout the city.

MMMAD is a project by the creative studio HYPER STUDIO. The studio was born to bring digital art to the general public through the development of actions in the public space and outdoors; innovating formats and spaces for digital art, creating hybrid experiences between the physical and digital worlds that escape from conventional formats; transforming public space into a space for digital art, converting urban advertising media into cultural spaces, and supporting emerging talent; programming young artists and creators alongside established national and international artists.

Promoter of the project:
Hyper Studio
Contact details:
Aida Salán, Cristóbal Baños y Diego Iglesias

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