Disenchanting the myths of AI through creative appropriation
Inaugural talk I 15 June - 10:15-11:30

Taller Estampa is a collective of programmers, filmmakers and researchers based in Barcelona. Their practice is based on a critical and archaeological approach to audiovisual and digital technologies. Over the last few years, they have carried out artistic research projects using artificial intelligence (AI) tools. In this session they will address their particular appropriation of AI and its tools for the transformation of the meaning of images and writing. At a time when different technologies that mimic human capabilities are spreading, they will reflect on how they work, their potentials and limitations, and the myths and utopias that surround them. Starting from these premises, we will analyse our own creative expressions and those of others, trying to follow the trail of those experiments that, outside the big technological platforms, have tried to explore the non-normative uses of AI.


With Marcel Pié Barba y Marc Padró (Estampa)

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